Pellet stove Duroflame Carré

The Duroflame Carré is the ideal mix between the recognisable wood-burning stove and the streamlined pellet stove. Its distinctive exterior makes the Duroflame Carré suitable for every room; it looks beautiful in a traditional fireplace, but also in a more modern new house. The continuous pellet feed and heat exchange with natural convection ensure your house is provided with delightful heat very quietly.

Traditional yet modern

What makes Duroflame stoves stand out is the design. Until now, traditional pellet stoves were large and awkward, not exactly what you’d like to have in your living room, for example. At Duraflame, we ensure that you can heat your house sustainably, but now with a stove that you’d like others to see. The Duroflame Carré is our latest design. As it is raised a little higher on legs, it is reminiscent of the traditional wood-burning stove, but with the sustainability of today.

Sustainable and innovative

Duroflame makes no concessions, neither to design nor quality. The Duroflame Carré is one example of this: a pellet stove with a classic appearance, that burns sustainably and has enough capacity to heat the house. The Carré comes with a ceramic glow plug, which is considerable more durable than standard glow plugs. In addition, the pellet stove heats up much more quickly – just the thing for a cold winter’s day!

Specifications for Duroflame Carré

Max. power
4.7 kW
Min. power
2.5 kW
Max. consumption
1.03 kg
Min. consumption
0.53 kg
Min. powerconsumption
19 W
Max. powerconsumption
88 kg
H705 B588 D488
11 kg